Self-employment and finances

13.03.2024 Are you considering taking the leap into self-employment? Or perhaps you’re already self-employed and seeking a reliable partner to handle your accounting needs? As an accounting firm in Malta, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being your own boss in this vibrant island nation. In this article, we aim to…

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Business plan Malta

Business plans: Writing your success story

27.02.2024 In the world of entrepreneurship, success stories are often penned through meticulously crafted business plans. These documents serve as the blueprint, the guiding light that navigates businesses through the challenges towards success. At the heart of this blueprint lies the financial narrative – a critical aspect that delineates aspirations from achievements. As an accounting…

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Work permits Malta

Relocating new workers to Malta

20.02.2024 For anyone considering employing new foreign workers, the move to Malta on an employment basis is not straight forward and so quick. Following certain procedure to obtaining proper documentation is a necessary step. The Expatriates Unit at Identità plays a crucial role in facilitating the legal migration process, handling the processing and issuance of…

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Ship Registration Malta

Setting Sail: Advantages of ship registration in Malta

13.02.2024 Ship registration in Malta is a prominent aspect of the country’s maritime industry. Malta has emerged as one of the leading flags of convenience globally, attracting shipowners and operators due to its favourable regulatory framework, tax benefits, and high-quality maritime services. In this article we will tackle various aspects from regulatory authority, flag reputation,…

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Startup Services Malta

The startup industry

06.02.2024 The startup industry is evolving every day, and it’s filled with innovation, bright ideas, and excellence. Malta is booming with startups and tech companies and plays a pivotal role in the startup growth story worldwide. This aspect is also a key player to new economy in Malta. Thanks to the ease of doing business…

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Payroll Services Malta

The value of payroll

30.01.2024 Payroll accuracy is important for several reasons, and its importance extends to both employees and employers. Accurate payroll ensures that employees are paid the correct amount and on time and this contributes to building trust and maintaining high morale among employees. When people receive the correct compensation for their work, they feel valued and…

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Malta Company

Building a business

23.01.2024 Building a successful business involves a combination of strategic planning, effective execution, adaptability, and a focus on customer satisfaction. One can easily commit to the fact that building a business is an ongoing process that requires dedication, resilience, and a commitment to continuous improvement by stay informed about industry trends, be open to learning,…

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Funding Malta

A quick guide to financial support schemes in Malta

16.01.2024 Running a business is a challenging task, regardless of its structure, whether it’s a company, a partnership, or a sole proprietorship. It involves numerous ups and downs, with both gratifications and obstacles. Consider, for instance, the unexpected impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has presented various challenges and headaches for everyone. Questions like, “How…

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Open Malta Company

Aspects of Malta company formations

09.01.2024 Malta is known for being a favourable location for company formations due to its strategic location, tax benefits, and business-friendly environment. Malta has a well-established legal framework that governs companies and business activities. Compliance with regulations, including anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) requirements, is essential. Malta is known for its attractive…

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