Banking is an essential part of any business; without an account with a financial institution, a company is not able to function. As part of the company formation service, or as a standalone service, here at Fairwinds Management Limited we offer introductions to financial institutions.

Undeniably the increased local and international regulations in the banking sector gives negativity when it comes to the topic of banking. Many financial institutions are also undergoing de-risking operations and left a damaging impact on companies incorporated and operating locally in Malta.

However, banking does not need to be complex. Depending on your company activity, we assist you on your banking solutions. We are aware that financial transactions are commonplace and require peace of mind is for you and your business to succeed. Our expert advisors will be able to identity on the best financial institutions for you, whether it is a traditional local or foreign financial institution or an Electronic Money Institution (EMI).

At Fairwinds Management Limited, we have developed, throughout the years, close relationships with various EU and non-EU financial institutions and EMIs, making the banking process for our clients an easy and efficient task. Once a first account is opened, we like to take a pro-active approach and immediately identify and secure an alternative banking solution for your peace of mind.

Contact us today for your new Malta company formation and introduction to financial institutions, or simply, if you are an already incorporated business, contact us for our alternative banking solutions. As part of our services we can assist with compiling documents, certifications, filling application forms and writing up business plans and profiles.

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Accountant Malta