Create company Malta

A trademark (TM) helps businesses secure the company and their respective brands on a local and/or European level, depending on what type of trademark the business opts for. The Malta Trademarks Act 2000, governing the trademarks in Malta, identifies that a “trademark may, in particular, consist of words (including personal names), figurative element, letters, numerals or the shape of good of their packaging”. This or a combination of these elements will help one to distinguish a specific business, goods or services.

Since Malta is an EU member state, local businesses can also opt for a trademark protection that covers the brand identity on an EU level in 27 countries, referred to as European Union Trade Mark (EUTM). Opting for this would involve less costs than submitting trade mark applications in multiple EU member states. The Fairwinds Management Limited legal team is experienced in this sector and is ready to help businesses safeguard their reputation on a legal level. By trademarking a company name, businesses will ensure peace of mind that no competitor will copy or steal elements from their brand as everything will be protected by law. Some also opt to trademark the company’s tagline too, being another valuable asset of a business.

To ensure that all requested paperwork is submitted, and the process is completed successfully without delays, it is recommended to seek professional advice and guidance when going through the trademarking process. This is a lengthy process as it takes approximately 8 months, from application date to be processed for vetting purposes, to be completed, however its registration lasts for 10 years from the date of filing and can be renewed every 10 years. Here at Fairwinds Management Limited, we offer all services related to trademarking such as submitting applications for a new trademark and their renewals, litigation, arbitration or negotiation of legal rights as well as TM portfolio planning and restructuring, as needs be.

Watch our informative video about Trademark Registration in Malta here.