If you are thinking of relocating to Europe to start off your new career, you have reached the right place. As an island, Malta has a limited manpower, and with the current challenging recruitment situation, this small European Union island has various needs of new and talented workforce to address the local lack of candidates. With the relevant expertise and experience, you will be able to find a job quickly in Malta which will help you boost your career while earning money. Some of the most requested vacancies are accountants, administration specialists, engineers, construction industry workers, nurses, doctors, and other jobs in the restaurant and hospitality industry, amongst others.

Any foreign Third Country National (TCN) seeking to work in Malta requires a work permit (Single Permit) or an employment license before working in Malta. Fairwinds Management Limited will assist you in every stage of your relocation process, from the filling in of the required documents, up to finding the right accommodation for you before you start your new job.

Once that you have your employment contract at hand, we can help you apply for your work permit/employment license. As soon as this application will be processed and confirmed, the next step would be to apply for a travel visa from the nearest Embassy or Consulate for Malta in your home country. If this visa will not be granted, our professional and experienced team at Fairwinds Management Limited will handle all the necessary paperwork in Malta to make sure that another embassy close to your hometown will proceed with the issuing of your visa.


Once that you have successfully relocated to Malta, we will also help you apply for your new Maltese residency card. Such Maltese residence card allows anyone to have access to travel to all Schengen countries, making Malta your gateway to Europe.

Accountant Malta

Check our video about Work Permit Applications. This video is intended for employers located in Malta.

Highly Qualified Persons

Combined with competitive personal tax rates, and an overall high quality of life, companies find Malta, a small rich island in Europe, a particularly attractive place to assign staff with expert knowledge that cannot be found locally. In its pursuit to attract talent to Malta and to accommodate foreign companies which need to bring in human resources from abroad, the Maltese legislator has introduced a number of employment incentives. Amongst these incentives, one finds the ‘Highly Qualified Persons’ rules which provide an excellent incentive for foreigners in key senior positions within the financial services and iGaming industries to relocate to Malta. This programme that was launched in 2011, opens up to EEA nationals, Swiss nationals and third-country nationals. Anyone who registers under this scheme will benefit from a 15% tax rate on all income that originates from their employment in Malta.

At Fairwinds Management Limited, we assist our foreign clients in the process of employment, in applying for employment incentives such as the Highly Qualified Persons, in acquiring a work permit, and guiding them on the Maltese residency procedure.