Contract law derives from the law of obligations. Contract law comes into action when parties possess a contractual capacity and in the eyes of the law, they agree that there is an agreement between them hence, one can state that they have a contract, giving rise to obligations which are recognised by law.

Here, at Fairwinds Management Limited, we acknowledge that a contract is a key document and so, we make it our priority to protect our client’s interests. Our proficient advocates will assist you and seek to simplify any legal phrasing which might not be too clear to the client. We also make it our main goal to bring into light any serious implications that follow in different stages of the contract. It is not only our obligation, but we take a genuine interest in each of our cases and thus, our lawyers apply all forms of commercial contract documentation.

Whatever kind of arrangements you have, for head of terms business agreements, private writings, terms and conditions you require, refer to our knowledgeable team for advice. Our lawyers are able to supply all forms of contract documentation.

Contract Law