As one of the most consistently profitable industry in Malta, the property market offers excellent financial investments and returns both for locals and foreigners alike. With an inflow of new businesses and foreign residents in Malta, the housing stock continued to grow steadily throughout the most recent years thanks to new building construction all over the island of Malta, thus resulting in purchases and rents of various properties. We are aware that buying a residential or commercial property, or, renting or leasing in a foreign country can be tricky, however partnering with Fairwinds Management can give you peace of mind starting from connecting you to the right individuals or projects directly from owners and contractors, up to the purchase process, ensuring that all legal requirements are followed correctly with minimal hassle and risks for you.

The acquisitions and sales of land or of immovable property, whether done as an individual or as a company, brings with it various scenarios in terms of financing, taxation issues, permits requirements and other related landlord obligations and matters. Our real-estate transactions experts, property lawyers and consultants are able to explain the benefits of purchasing Maltese property, explain the conditions and, when needed, apply for the AIP Permits at the Capital Transfer Duty (CTD) Department, which is responsible for the processing of applications by non-residents to acquire immovable property in Malta. Permits are issued for those applications which satisfy the business criteria.

At Fairwinds Management Limited, we can guide you on all legal aspects of property law in Malta, no matter if it is buying, renting or developing property locally. We also work closely with notaries, architects, and project management companies to ensure easy property operations for your new property in Malta.