Fairwinds Management Limited has been involved in a number of international mergers and acquisitions, transfers of business and corporate re-structuring.

Through its legal and accounting departments, the company is geared up to assist buyers, sellers and investors in such business trades including negotiations, corporate restructuring, drafting and reviewing of legal agreements, taxation, VAT planning, due diligence procedures, whilst also providing the necessary coordination, guidance and assistance on all aspects relevant to such mergers and acquisitions.

Acquisitions and mergers involve multiple operations through which a company becomes the owner of all assets and liabilities of a company, or two companies become one. Apart from the services listed above, some of our other services include performing an evaluation of your business and advice on the selling price, and assist you prepare the business for the merger or the acquisition.

If you are looking into merging with another company or grow your business through an acquisition, here at Fairwinds Management Limited we can assist you to achieve your objectives.

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