Fairwinds Management Limited, being specialists in company incorporations can incorporate a holding company as part of your trading – holding company structure. A Cyprus company incorporation, a UK company incorporation and a Gibraltar company incorporation are often used as a holding company together with a Malta trading company formation. If structured correctly, it can provide you with a efficient ways to conduct business internationally in a legitimate way.

When opting to incorporate a foreign holding company with Fairwinds Management Limited through our authorized intermediaries, a business gains a wide range of competitive advantages. Our suggested jurisdictions, being Cyprus, UK and Gibraltar, pride itself on providing political stability and are very important business centres in Europe. These countries are known to have a stable jurisdiction with a very good reputation, making such holding companies ideal for your new set up.


There are certain due diligence requirements one must abide by when incorporating a foreign company which are required for all officers within the company. The due diligence requirements include an original certified passport or ID, a certified utility bill dated within the last three months, an updated CV, a proof of the source of wealth such as payslips or financial statements which portray income and also a reference letter. Our team will guide you accordingly. 

Registering your new foreign company through Fairwinds Management Limited is easy. Our advice is to use such company as a holding company together with a Malta company used for trading. Our professional incorporation team at Fairwinds Management Limited will assist you in every step of a foreign company incorporation, from the initial stages to the day-to-day running of the corporate company requirements as part of your business setup.

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