Operating a company registered in Malta involves strict adherence to the administrative regulations mandated by Maltese law. Ensuring compliance and efficiency in daily operations is vital, covering various essential aspects such as directors’ meetings, annual general meetings, bookkeeping, payroll, and administration.

Administrative services for Malta-based companies can be divided into two sectors:

  • Compliance with the Malta Business Registry
  • Compliance with accounting and taxes

This article will explain the various aspects involved in both above-mentioned sectors.

Compliance with the Malta Business Registry

Maltese legal guidelines foster transparency and responsible management. Directors’ meetings must adhere to prescribed protocols, as well as annual general meetings represent pivotal events in the corporate calendar, offering stakeholders insights into performance and financial standing. Furthermore, companies registered with the Malta Business Registry must undergo company maintenance such as annual returns, Beneficial Ownership forms when necessary and more.

Fairwinds Management offers, amongst others, the following administration and back-office services for companies registered in Malta:

  • Organisation of board of directors meeting/drafting of resolutions
  • Organisation of annual general meetings (a compliance of Maltese-registered companies)
  • Company maintenance services

Compliance with accounting and taxes

Dealing with and managing incoming and outgoing paperwork, accounting tasks, payroll, working out VAT and tax payments and so on, is important and needs to be done correctly and within deadlines to ensure compliance. Accurate bookkeeping, in line with accounting standards, ensures financial integrity and facilitates compliance and informed decision-making, and the same goes for payroll, tax payments and more.

Fairwinds Management offers, amongst others, the following accounting and administration services for businesses in Malta:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • VAT returns
  • Tax returns
  • Payroll services

In summary, Malta-based companies demonstrate commitment to legal compliance, transparency, and efficient management through diligent fulfilment of administrative duties. Fairwinds Management provides comprehensive administration and back-office services for Malta-registered companies. If you are interested in these services and more, please check out our website and contact us today for more info and a quote.

Fairwinds Management Limited is a MFSA licensed firm offering Business Solutions in Malta. As part of our services, we offer Accounting, Administration, Corporate and Legal solutions.  Fairwinds Management also manages the brand Accounting Services. More information about us and our key services please visit our website. You may reach Fairwinds Management on +356 2704 0903 or info@fairwindsmanagement.net.

Article written by Ms Charlene Sciberras, B.A. (Hons), guest writer, a marketing and business administration specialist with a special focus on corporate, accounting, and legal matters.