Company dissolution Malta

Closing off a Malta Company

29.03.2023 Are you thinking to close off your business? Striking off a company from the Malta Business Registry involves a process with several steps. This article will give you an idea of what is involved in this process. For whatever personal reason you decide to close your Malta company, under the Maltese law, a company…

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Accountant Malta

Keep costs low with virtual administration

22.03.2023 Administration tasks are time-consuming especially if you are a one-man band starting up your business. Tasks like running errands, diary management, marketing, administration, are important but non-essential tasks because these can be easily outsourced. Instead, the essential tasks for the business owner are others, such as the development of the business and sales. Business…

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Malta Company Formation

Incorporating a company in Malta

15.03.2023 What are the steps and requirements for incorporating a company in Malta? Let’s explore the most important steps that anyone interested in incorporating a company in Malta should follow. Business structure: The first step is to determine the busintess structure. The most common company structure in Malta is a private limited company – Limited…

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Business advisory Malta

Do you want your business to gain a competitive edge?

09.03.2023 Starting up or running a business requires effort and expertise as it can be overwhelming for some. In today’s ever-changing business world, it can be challenging to keep up with everything business related… and this is where the role of a business advisor comes in to ensure that companies achieve their goals. Business advisors…

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Family Business Malta

Incentives aimed at family businesses in Malta

01.03.2023 Family-owned businesses are often a vital part of local economies and communities as some have proven to be some of the most robust and dynamic sectors of the country’s economy. Although they are resilient, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they never encounter any shortcomings. To the contrary, like other businesses, they are also vulnerable.…

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MBR notification

Malta company obligations

22.02.2023 The Malta Business Registry (MBR) is the Maltese government agency responsible for the registration and regulatory compliance of companies and commercial partnerships in Malta. It is also the body responsible to manage and oversee the deadlines for the registry of companies. Apart from the standard and annual deadlines, the MBR also issues additional notifications,…

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Payroll Malta

Benefits of outsourcing payroll

15.02.2023 Managing a business whether as a self-employed individual who employs people or as a company, requires a number of responsibilities, most of them being tied with strict deadlines. One of the crucial aspects of managing a business and is directly related to the employees is the monthly payroll processing which can be time consuming…

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Banking Malta

Banking in Malta

08.02.2023 One major concern for Maltese businesses is banking. In today’s world, it is a known fact that due to money laundering banking services have become more and more difficult. This also comes together with a business change where modern banking takes over traditional banking. It has become a fact now that Electronic Money Institutions…

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Accountant Malta

Business owners: Accounting and administration

01.02.2023 No matter what type of business you have, accounting and administration are part of running it. No one can be an expert in everything, and at some point, either due to lack of knowledge or due to lack of time and resources, one will need to either employ someone for accounting and administration workings,…

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Aircraft registration Malta

Malta: Aircraft registration and ship registration

25.01.2023 Aircraft registration and ship registration in Malta are two important sectors of our economy. A very important factor to consider when buying an aircraft, a boat or a yacht is choosing the right jurisdiction where you are going to register it. It’s a known fact that Malta has internationally distinguished itself thanks to the…

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