Writing a successful business plan

09.07.2024 A well-crafted business plan is a must for a business’s success, serving multiple purposes. It defines your business’s mission, vision, and goals, providing clarity on what you aim to achieve and how you plan to get there. This clarity guides your actions and decisions, ensuring alignment with your objectives. Furthermore, a business plan acts…

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Business Outsourcing Malta

Growth with business outsourcing

02.07.2024 In recent years, the business practice of hiring third-party companies or professional individuals to perform specific tasks has gained significant importance. This trend, known as outsourcing, allows companies to focus on their core activities while using the expertise and efficiency of specialised service providers. We have recognised this shift and developed a comprehensive list…

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Accounting Services Malta

The value of accounting

25.06.2024 In the vibrant business landscape of Malta, small to medium-sized business play a pivotal role in driving economic growth and innovation. For these businesses, effective accounting practices are not just a regulatory requirement but a cornerstone for sustainable success. This article explores the value of accounting for these business in Malta, highlighting key benefits…

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Dissolving your company in Malta

18.06.2024 During the life of a business, there might come a time when you consider dissolving your company. Various reasons can lead to this decision, such as retirement, the need to reorganise a group of companies, internal conflicts, lack of profitability, or even bankruptcy. If you are currently thinking of striking off your Malta company…

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Self Employed Malta

A quick self employment guide

13.06.2024 Navigating the paperwork and regulatory requirements for a self-employed can be daunting. As an accounting firm specialising in assisting clients with self-employment, we’ve compiled this guide to help you understand the key steps and considerations involved in becoming self-employed in Malta. Understanding Self-Employment in Malta Self-employment in Malta means operating as a sole trader…

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Business Malta

Learn more about Malta company formation

04.06.2024 Malta company law is in conformity with EU directives, offering effective tax rates within a professional infrastructure and a legal, respected, and regulated jurisdiction. If you are thinking to open a Malta company, we are sure that you have many questions, so we have compiled a quick cheat sheet with questions and answers as…

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Grants Scheme Malta

Grow and transform your business

28.05.2024 Every business must make sure that its growth prospects are clear and that the resources needed to achieve these goals are readily available. However, the increasing uncertainty in the market environment may hinder businesses’ ability to secure financing, ultimately affecting their capacity to implement certain strategies. These uncertainties are particularly worrying for some firms.…

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Startup Malta

The startup ecosystem in Malta

21.05.2024 Malta has emerged as a notable hub for innovative startups, ranking as the fourth best EU country for startups according to a survey conducted by the Europe Startup Nations Alliance (ESNA). This high ranking is due to Malta’s excellence in attracting and retaining talent, efficient digital tools for government communication, and a streamlined process…

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Income Tax Return Malta

Personal income tax returns in Malta

14.05.2024 Every resident of Malta is required to submit a personal income tax return annually. The default income tax return deadline for individuals, covering the previous calendar year, meaning for the basis period 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023, is 30 June 2024. These individual taxpayers who are residents of Malta and who may…

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Administration services for Malta-based businesses

07.05.2024 Operating a company registered in Malta involves strict adherence to the administrative regulations mandated by Maltese law. Ensuring compliance and efficiency in daily operations is vital, covering various essential aspects such as directors’ meetings, annual general meetings, bookkeeping, payroll, and administration. Administrative services for Malta-based companies can be divided into two sectors: This article…

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