The Fairwinds Management Limited advocates are able to help our clients with any dispute or claim which they may have within the jurisdiction of Malta. The team is specialised in litigation concerning civil and commercial matters and has experience in defending or prosecuting cases in Maltese courts, tribunals and arbitration centres. When there is the possibility of solving matters through an out-of-court settlement, our lawyers always strive to achieve the most favourable, efficient and cost-effective results for our clients.

Among other legal services, our partners can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Insurance claims
  • Assertion of non-monetary claims
  • Admiralty law issues and local arrest of vessels
  • Local arrest of aircraft
  • Local enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitration awards
  • Debt collection
  • Corporate disputes, including deadlock and unfair prejudice to minority shareholders
  • Court winding-up of companies.
Law Malta