In Malta, there are over 100 regulations related to employment, work and occupational health and safety set by the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (EIRA) and subsidiary laws.

These regulations work alongside with the EU Employment law framework and are in place to ensure a good working relationship between employers and employees to know their relevant rights and obligations.

When an employment contract is drafted, it ensures that employees have all their rights safeguarded. These include the right to work in a safe workplace, that at least the national minimum wage is paid, gender equality, vacation leave, and that no discrimination will take place. Ultimately, an employment contract does not place an employee in a weak position but works in favour of the employee and ensures business continuity.

If the legally binding contract is breached by any of the parties, meaning that either the employer or employee breaks one of the terms, a legal action is required to take place. This should only be sought if the problem is not solved directly with the employer. Such breach of contract can risk facing legal liability and reputational damages to the firm.

Our legal department has the necessary experience and expertise to assist clients in employment related disputes. Such legal services assist both employers and employees in the public and private sectors in identifying and managing business risks related to employment and labour law.

In this practice, we cover a range of areas that include HR policies, health and safety policies, transferring employment contracts, wrongful discharge, defamation, settlements, whistle blowing scenarios, and more!

For assistance, our legal team can be contacted on info@fairwindsmanagement.net