The Malta Residency and Visa Programme (MRVP) is an amazing opportunity for respectable individuals who would like to reside and invest in Malta. The programme is designed towards reputable third-country nationals and the beneficiaries will be entitled to residency rights in Malta as the receiver will obtain a Malta Residence Permit.


The MRVP has become a popular choice for individuals seeking a residence in a safe and stable country for themselves and their families. Malta allows a comfortable living environment in a European Union country with very high standards of living, and having English as an official language. This programme also acts as a gateway to Europe to its beneficiaries, providing visa-free access to the European Schengen Area countries, an ideal scenario for businessmen who require to travel regularly.

Furthermore in Malta you will find:

  • Great weather all year round
  • Friendly and hospitable locals
  • Variety of social activities for all ages
  • Abundance of history and heritage
  • Beautiful sea with many lovely beaches
  • Excellent schooling and medical services
  • Daily flights connections to major airports

In brief, the programme consists of three tiers of investments:

  1. Immovable property
  2. Investment in favour of Malta Government
  3. Monetary contribution

Our experienced and professional staff at Fairwinds Management Limited can help you obtain residence in a safe and stable country for you and your family. Contact us directly on csciberras@fairwindsmanagement.net and we will give you full details of the programme in terms of qualifications and other general requirements. Further details can also be found on our website.