A legal opinion, most often referred to as an ‘opinion letter’ is a valuable document issued by a law firm expressing a legal analysis of a specific issue, matter, or transaction. This will protect the letter’s recipeint by informing him/her of the legal effect resulting from the proposed transaction.

Since usually such letter is divided into different sections (background, assumptions, qualifications, and opinions), it will also identify legal risks and confirms that a party can participate in the transaction and be able to perform the obligations as outlined in the documents.

The purpose of such legal letter is that the recipient will be able to rely on the content of the issued letter and treat it as a basis for entering into the transaction. For instance, when a certain transaction is involved, a legal opinion would reassure an investor, or otherwise, that all documents are binding.

In fact, prior to allowing the transaction to happen, the recipient of the letter will be able to enquire further about the transaction and thus, will be able to take an informed decision on whether s/he will need other forms of protection such as warranties to be able to proceed with the transaction.

In brief, a legal opinion expresses the illegibility or legibility of an action to ensure that regulatory requirements are satisfied based on legal principles. Our lawyers at Fairwinds Management Limited can handle legal opinions or opinion letters by providing a professional understanding of various matters and contexts based on legal principles. Apart from finding information about this on our website, you can also get in touch with our lawyers on info@fairwindsmanagement.net.