Do you want to set up your business in a country that offers a safe and regulated jurisdiction, but also offers a favourable tax system?


Malta is an ideal country to invest and set up a new business in, in any sector. Although there aren’t any restrictions on the activities that are allowed across the Maltese islands, services within the gaming and financial sectors, do require a license to operate.


Apart from this factor, one should not forget that the Maltese islands offer a favourable tax rate for foreign investors. This highly advantageous tax system that has been in place in Malta for 70 years, and has also been approved by the European Union, offers Malta companies the opportunity to claim tax credits that can result in an effective rate of between 0-10%.

Accountant Malta

This is where we come into the picture as we provides a simple and straightforward process for anyone interested in Company Formations; from business advisory during the initial stages of company formations to licenses registrations, bookkeeping, accounting, financial statements and audits. The company formation process by Fairwinds Management Limited, is so easy that it only takes between two to a maximum of three days to finalise from when all required documentation is presented to the team.

Malta Incorporation Leader does not only offer Company Formations in Malta but also in other popular jurisdictions such as in the Cyprus, Gibraltar, and UK.

For more information about company formations in Malta or in any other country mentioned above, or if you’re interested in any other services, you can get in touch with our Director, Charlene Sciberras, on info@fairwindsmanagement.net.