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Traditional banking is outdated, and Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) are taking charge in the modern business world. The global financial system has changed thanks to the phenomenal growth in digitalisation, fusion of technologies, embracement of technology and ultimately establishing new trends.

In reality, you can open as many business bank accounts as you want, provided you meet the institutions’ requirements. So, while it’s essential to have a business account, it is smarter to have more than one for various reasons. There are various reasons for this such as ability to track expenses and income, security concerns, and dealing with a different banking provider in order to find your top one of two favourites’ ones. 

If you are not yet convinced that you require more than one business bank or EMI account, read more here:

  • You need to separate certain entries.
  • Different accounts serve different needs.
  • If you’re saving for different goals.
  • You have high balance accounts.
  • You are concerned one of your banks could fail.
  • You can receive multiple perks.
  • For your security and peace of mind.
  • Finding your favourite provider.

Here at Fairwinds Management we always advice our clients to hold more than one bank account to spread the risk. Banking does not need to be complex. Depending on your company activity and transactions, we can assist you on new and alternative banking solutions. If you are looking for an alternative EMI you can read more here:

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