A human resources strategy is essential not only to grow your business but also to meet your current and upcoming needs in terms of human resources. To remain in business, have an excellent reputation and ultimately be profitable, you need to ensure that you are working with the best human potential possible that is available. This is done by ensuring that you have the necessary resources working for you without being understaffed and keeping your employees happy at the same time.

We all know that finding new employees readily available in Malta has become nearly impossible, so here at Abacus Consulting Co. Ltd, we are focusing on getting personnel from abroad in order to meet your demands. As a recruitment agency, with license number E.A. No. 152-2018, we can cater for any business sector, from office work to manual work, all with the necessary qualifications depending what you are looking for. Foreigners are eagerly looking to relocate to Malta, being a reachable country fluent in English language with an ideal environment, a perfect combination of weather, people and places.

Our pool of CVs is available to you as part of our HR services provided by Abacus Consulting Co. Ltd. In brief, our services consist in screening CVs for you, setting up interviews as needed, and once you have your chosen candidates, we are able to handle the necessary paperwork for work and residency permits. Our human element is present throughout the entire process, making our work for you a personalised job.

Furthermore, we are also able to handle payroll services and anything else related to your HR department, such as creating job descriptions, employment contracts, employee handbooks and preparation on all templates for appraisals, acknowledgment and rejections letters, Jobsplus applications and more.