In the digitalised world we live in today, technology is not a luxury, but it is an important asset in everyone’s life, starting from young ones for social use to adults not just for social interaction but also for business purposes. In fact, according to a research conducted by Social Media Examiner, 97% of small businesses use social media with the aim to attract new customers. This demonstrates how social media became one of the most important aspects of marketing.


Although it is one of the most popular type of marketing channels as it can reach anyone at anytime and anywhere, it still remains relatively the cheapest form compared to offline marketing.

social media

Since it is cost-effective, social media allows for continuous brand awareness, especially for start-up businesses that usually don’t want to invest a large sum of their budget on marketing to be able to get by, at least, the first year of business.

Some think that this type of marketing is also the easiest platform as you just need to sign in into your social media account, press a few buttons and you’re settled, but in reality, for effective results including customer engagement and satisfaction and return on investment, you need to focus on your target groups and demographics especially when opting for paid advertising.

For social media to be effective, one should not simply publish a post just for fulfilling the assigned tasks and having the posts shared on friends/followers wall, but one must take this opportunity to increase traffic to the brand’s/company’s website by simply adding an action to the social media post or by adding a website link so that people have an action to do.

Effective social media also plays an important role in calculating SEO rankings. This can be successfully achieved by sharing blog posts from the brand’s/company’s website on social media. This is because new site content takes a while to be absorbed by Google. Apart from helping increase the website’s Search Engine Optimization, sharing blog posts will also help in generating new interest from potential clients as ultimately that is the primary aim of any business.

If you think that such marketing tasks are too much to handle, leave it in the hands of experienced people.