A business main goal is to thrive in all aspects of the organisation particularly on the financial side of it. This can be achieved by having control of monthly budgets, better management of money, paying debts on time and by having a financial plan in place. 

Tax also plays an important role in all this as it is an inevitable expense to any business. Although it is obligatory to be paid, it does not mean that an entity must be crippled by taxation. 

This is where a tax advisor comes in the picture in order to guide businesses on how to benefit from tax saving opportunities by taking the best advantage of the local tax system which is quite a favourable one and also various tax incentives available to local companies by Malta Enterprise and other entities. All this while still being fully compliant to law. 

Tax advisory services are not strictly related to tax optimization strategies but are also related to the preparation of self-assessments, known as Income Tax Returns, registration of shareholders for the purposes of tax refunds, preparation of dividend warrants, and more.

Fairwinds Management Limited together with our associated brand, Accounting Services have a team of accountants and financial experts with a strong knowledge of the tax environment. Our professionals understand and ensure full compliance with laws and regulations related to tax while recommending effective tax strategies to reduce tax liabilities, together with many tax credit incentives such as the MicroInvest Schemes. These services are applicable to any type of business from individual clients to family-owned businesses, small, medium, and large enterprises.

If your business requires such advisory services, you can get in touch with the team on admin@accountingservices.com.mt or on +356 27040903. Meanwhile, further information can be found here.