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Every resident in Malta is obliged to submit a personal income tax return once a year. This is valid for anyone who lives and resides in Malta, no matter if you are employed or unemployed, a freelancer or retired, you must submit a tax return by June 30 of every year, for the previous year.

The Office of the Commissioner for Revenue (previously known as Inland Revenue Department) located in Floriana, Malta, is responsible for tax returns locally.

When preparing a tax return, apart from the form itself, you need the FS3 being the Payee Statement of Earnings for the year of return. If you have multiple employments, then all of the FS3s from these different employments need to be presented. If on the other hand you are self-employed, you require an income statement for the year, which can be prepared by your accountant. If you are self-employment on a part-time basis, the declaration form would be different and it would be due in April, not June.

These are simply general guidelines for your tax return as there could be different scenarios for different individuals, depending if you have any additional rental income, other income from local investments, income generated from abroad, assets outside of Malta, and so on.

We are aware that doing tax returns can be a complex process for you. At Accounting Services and Fairwinds Management we help clients with the filing of their annual tax returns. Our team can support you to file your Malta tax return. For more info and assistance on tax return services please contact us today on or to ensure you have enough time for a timely submission.

Charlene Sciberras
Article by Charlene Sciberras