Tomorrow, the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day … but what’s better than spreading some more love around other than donating blood, without expecting nothing in return?

Recently, Business Concept International plc organised a visit to the National Blood Transfusion Services in Tal-Pietà where employees from Fairwinds Management Limited, Accounting Services Ltd and A+A Assurance Services Ltd joined in to donate blood.

Staff members decided to respond to the frequent public requests by the Blood Transfusion Services to donate blood earlier than scheduled. This happened due to a high number of blood donors getting sick with the yearly flu, which effected the blood supply badly as the reserve was already low. This was going to lead to a number of operations at Mater Dei Hospital being cancelled.

Blood donation is an activity that is part of the Group of Companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility, so this will surely not be a one-off occasion, but a continuation of our commitment towards the local community. We encourage those who are able to donate blood, to think about others too, and donate blood, when possible. While thanking all employees who donated blood successfully, we would also like to thank the staff at the Blood Transfusion Services who made our visit a pleasant one, informing us step by step throughout the process of blood donation, and for taking care of our staff with a hot drink and snack afterwards.