Fairwinds Management Limited employs a team of dedicated administrators whose expertise is in company administration and secretarial services. This is a guarantee to our clients that their Malta registered company is managed in strict adherence to the administrative rules and guidelines required by Maltese legislation.

Our team of corporate administrators will ensure that the company is kept up-to-date and its day to day business requirements such as directors meetings, annual general meetings, bookkeeping, payroll, administration of financial institution accounts, legal matters and so on are dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner.

Fairwinds Management Limited offers the following administration and back office services for companies registered in Malta:

  • Organisation of board of directors meeting/drafting of resolutions
  • Organisation of annual general meetings (a compliance of Maltese-registered companies)
  • Company Maintenance Services
  • Management of financial institution accounts, reconciliations, bookkeeping and accounting
  • Maltese registered address with dedicated mail receiving facilities and weekly forwarding of mail to your address
  • Immediate acknowledgement of mail sent to your clients and immediate forwarding of mail to you by e-mail
  • Secretarial services including phone, mail and fax services
  • Maltese website for your company and e-mail addresses which you can access from anywhere around the world
  • Drafting of power of attorneys
  • Nominee and fiduciary services through intermediary licensed companies.