One very important factor to consider when buying a boat or yacht is choosing the right jurisdiction where you are going to register it. It’s a known fact that Malta has one of the largest shipping registries in the European Union. Malta has internationally distinguished itself as a white flag state, thanks to the high standards required by the local authority which regulates this sector, Transport Malta.

It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages when registering a vessel. The Malta-flag ship registration procedure allows various types of vessels such as pleasure boats and commercial ships to be registered under the Malta flag. Malta has a strong maritime heritage and being a European Union member is compliant with EU directives, ensuring that the flag is not one of convenience, but a trusted jurisdiction within the shipping industry. Transport Malta fees are also amongst the lowest in Europe, whilst Malta country’s tax system provides considerable fiscal benefits to operators and ship managers. Furthermore, a number of specific incentives to boat and ship owners are also available to those who choose to register under the Malta flag, such as, low costs for vessel tonnage.

Registering can be an easy process if you choose to partner up with Fairwinds Management Limited. Our guidance together with Transport Malta, allows an efficient system for registering within a reputable and credible ship registry. We will make the registration process in Malta a very straight forward one for you. There are no hidden costs, no nationality restrictions and availability of a range of maritime services. Not only Malta is strategically placed in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, but it also provides a flag of confidence, making it the number one top choice flag.

Should you require further information on registering your boat, vessel or yacht with a Maltese flag, do not hesitate to contact Ms Charlene Sciberras on csciberras@fairwindsmanagement.net.