Thinking of bringing your business to Malta, or wondering why others are doing so? The truth is that many of the perks of relocating to Malta are not necessarily tied to business.

There is more than one reason why people are attracted to the prospect of moving to Malta. The climate is agreeable all year round, and the plenty of beaches make island life worthwhile. English is an official language – so there are no language issues in the vast majority of cases. Families are swayed by the idea of moving to a relatively crime-free country. There is plenty to do: decent nightlife, and endless job opportunities.

The advantages of being in Malta extends to business as well – as the fresh business climate has been more than lucrative for many. An educated workforce is in ample supply, and an excellent relationship between locals, expats, and businesses ensures everything runs smoothly.

Accountant Malta

Getting all your paperwork in order is no difficult task either. Should you need any help, plenty of Maltese companies dealing with corporate services and property-related services will get you in order. These companies are extremely efficient and highly experienced – even more as Malta is becoming a popular business destination. All you need is two days to set up a company and some extra time for bank accounts to be opened as well as VAT and tax applications to be sorted.

There are a limited few countries with so many perks, which allow you to have a company up and ready in just a few weeks.

What’s more is that you can leave office hunting up to a professional relocation agency in Malta. These agencies are fully equipped to find the right place to suit your budget and business requirements – and help you move in no time. If you need to settle down immediately, a quick-fix option is renting out a shared office or office furniture in a business centre temporarily, until you find the perfect permanent space. You can rest assured that finding a place for your headquarters – as well as your residence – will be no trouble at all, especially in the wake of recent high demand which has pushed the construction of property. Many of these are ready and waiting for you to move right in.

Relocating to Malta is relatively painless – even more so if you employ the services of Fairwinds Management. We can help you in various aspects of your Malta company incorporation from the get-go. From the initial stages up to the day-to-day-running of the corporate company requirements – you can rest assured that the most important steps are taken care of.

When moving to Malta, your company could use assistance in opening of Maltese bank accounts, secretarial services company maintenance services, applying for VAT and tax numbers, and more. While these are not overly complicated tasks, they might be a burden for anyone looking to move as quickly as possible. Leaving them up to a professional and experienced agency would ensure that the job is done properly, and on time. If proper care is not taken when incorporating your company, you risk finding some problems further down the line. This is why you should consider enlisting the help of Fairwinds Management Limited – as through our various partners from the Business Concept International Group of Companies, we can assist you in all your business and office relocation needs in the best way possible.

By partnering up with other companies, we can guarantee that all of your requirements are taken are met by those most proficient in the particular field.

For instance – through Accounting Service Ltd, you are covered when it comes to bookkeeping, payroll, social security contributions, VAT, and tax returns.

Through Admin Genie Ltd, all your office needs are taken care of – offering you virtual office services and business assistance – helping you get your office set up quickly.

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Charlene Sciberras