In the past months, digital banking has become the natural answer for anyone finding it difficult to open bank accounts anywhere in the world including Malta. Since movement of funds is essential for any company in operation, electronic money institutions have been offering such possibilities to eliminate the burdens that were being created by the so-called traditional banks such as unnecessary and complicated paperwork.

Digital wallets have since been offering easier, quicker and more convenient transactions with real-time balance updates. Possible transactions include managing and processing monthly salaries to employees, paying freelancers, effecting commission payouts within few seconds, and withdrawing cash. This results in rapid and headache free international business.

Digital business wallets also make it possible to manage dividend payments, royalties and profits, and have a fully digital multi-currency business account.

All this can be offered by QUANT Financial, a digital fintech company that is currently finalising its work to launch a business wallet in 2020, providing quick, cost-effective and most importantly, secure solutions for international and offshore banking transactions of the SME sector on digital basis. All this while always having access to favourable interbank exchange rates.

This upcoming app-based digital business wallet will be the perfect option especially for companies that want to start operating immediately as accounts with EU IBANs are opened within just 48 hours, also offering globally accepted contactless prepaid MasterCard(s).

QUANT Financial will be one of the digital banks that we at Fairwinds Management Limited will be offering to all clients due to its simple, secure and cost effective service, offering its own dedicated customer service to the ‘business elite’.

Further information about this service can be obtained by getting in touch with us.