A few weeks ago, while writing my dissertation in my study regarding the legal challenges to convert Malta’s present registration of a limited liability company from a primarily manual system to a substantially electronic one, the topic in subject came across my mind. In fact, towards the end of my writing, I turned my focus to dedicate a topic on how the Registry of Companies can go on the blockchain and illustrate how different enterprises can work together using distributed ledger technologies – but I do not stop there. I also mention the fact that to make it possible, Malta needs to start its own asset token. This would not only help the government raise finance, but it will also solve the logistical ‘banking problem’ that has taken its toll on corporate service providers and gaming related industry and foreigners coming to Malta right now.

In fact, this new system can help Malta get continued foreign investment which will be converted to fiat money to be invested in infrastructure investments or reduce public debt, which will make Malta one of the wealthiest on earth.

I would like to invite you to read my proposal about this topic by clicking here.

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