Selling, buying or renting a property in Malta has never been so easy thanks to our partners Delivering Homes Ltd who have just launched a new property listings website that can be used and accessed free of charge.

www.deliveringhomes.com.mt was born out of the need to modernise and simplify property searching under one roof and to fill gaps left by others in the market. In fact, this website is now the new go to online platform for owners, direct purchasers, brokers, agents or contractors for anything related to property.

All that one has to do is create a one-time account and start uploading the respective properties. Once that the property listing is approved, each listing will expire after 90 days, but one will have the opportunity to relist it should the property remain available after that period.

One of the most positive aspects, amongst others, is that no one will be charged at any stage – even if the property is sold or rented via contacts made on this platform.