Accountant Malta


Since studies show that start-ups have high rates of failure, newly entrepreneurial ventures are usually set up by and involve only a few people. This means that for the first phase after setting up a company, all the administration work, which is as equally important to a company as its growth will fall under the responsibility of the founders that at the same time need to focus on the plan, its timeline, the marketing and most importantly, the capital and profits.

All this leaves limited time to focus on the heavy administration work load that includes payroll, bookkeeping, and VAT return compliances, all of which are time consuming as they require high level of attention.

This leaves the founders juggling from one task to another without focusing on all the important factors, and this is where our partner company Admin Genie comes in the picture.

Admin Genie that is well known for personal and corporate assistance has a young competent team of trained and experienced professionals in the area that will process and handle all required transactions and documentation efficiently and without hassle. By handling such tasks, Admin Genie’s team will allow you to focus on your core business and increase your speed in business in order to enhance your profits and productivity without losing or wasting any precious time.

While reading this you might ask “But why should I trust Admin Genie Ltd?” The answer is easy. This team has worked with all government departments and they know their respective document processing requirements, which makes it easy for Admin Genie’s team to understand all formalities and requirements of such departments. This means that when they present documents to government departments, they wouldn’t be going to and fro for clarifications like what happens with people that are new to business.

Moreover, apart from these services, Admin Genie also offers full boardroom rentals for those that are either not operating from their premises yet, do not have a boardroom facility at their premises or want to hold a meeting in a central location, or for any other reason.