The Chartered Institute of Marketing identifies the term marketing as the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably. From a business perspective, the word which has the most value in this definition is definitely profitably. Every business regardless its size operates to be profitable. In this article, we shall discuss how marketing can give your business the competitive edge you are after.


We thrive in a dynamic market with new companies emerging every day leading to more saturated competition. For this reason, marketing efforts are essential for the success of any business. Some reasons why you should make use of marketing are outlined below:

  • It is informative: Marketing can act as a communication tool, portraying what your product or service can do in an innovative way. To successfully sell your product or service it is essential that your audience has a solid understanding of what your product can do for them.
  • It sells: Selling is the ultimate goal for any profitable business. Marketing efforts are what drives sales, putting your product or service out there through marketing increases your changes to make a profitable sale.
  • It grows: With just a few marketing efforts a business is able to expand its base of existing customers leading to higher sales.
  • It engages: A perk of marketing is that once a customer has left the business premises, your brand is still able to engage with your customer without the need of face to face interaction through their presence online or offline.
  • It helps you compete: Competition is unavoidable in any marketplace. Marketing does not only educate your current and potential customers but also other businesses within your industry leading to healthy competition.

There are endless marketing strategies one can adopt which guarantees success for your business, however, before deciding on any of the tried and tested strategies one must ask these key questions:

  1. Who is my target audience?
  2. In what type of industry is the business competing?
  3. Who is my competition?
  4. What is my goal and budget?
  5. Where can I seek professional advice about my ideal marketing strategy?

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