Do you feel like a victim of long hours, tight deadlines and ever increasing demands which leave you feeling worried, uncertain and overwhelmed? All these causes and symptoms lead to a word which is definitely overused these days: STRESS. Despite this cliché, one should not take such a condition lightly.


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), work-related stress is caused to those business persons who feel challenged and pressured causing them to be unable to deliver the workload demanded from them.


There are numerous causes increasing the risk of stress, some more common causes are listed below:

  • Not enough time to ‘do it all’
  • Making consequential decisions
  • Keeping up with clients’ demands and deadlines
  • Pending promises
  • Finding new ways to stay ahead in the market

In most scenarios, the traditional ‘count up till ten’ does not work and therefore, we are proposing more realistic measures to cope with stress and deadlines at work:

  1. Breathe deeply once or twice

This sounds simple, however, when feeling tense deep breathing helps you restore balance and focus.

  1. Reduce any interruptions

Most business persons are being constantly bombarded by emails, phone calls and any other type of instant messaging. Take control of your various communication mediums by only responding during stipulated time windows.

  1. Lead a healthy balanced life

Eating right and sleeping well can help you lead a relatively calmer work life. Eat your greens and take the necessary sleep for a better workday.

  1. Prioritise your priorities

Deadlines are tough. Start each day with your favourite cup and a clear to-do list focusing on those projects which are most important.

  1. Be positive

Encouraging yourself during your hectic workday helps you keep yourself motivated and may reduce the effects of stress.