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Because it’s a small island state, Malta is continuously on the lookout for human resources. With new businesses blooming in every sector, this has led to a situation where a huge recruitment challenge is looming for employers and the island needs a new, talented workforce to address the lack of suitably-skilled local candidates.


With the relevant expertise and experience, your career prospects in Malta are promising indeed. Chances are that you will be able to quickly find a job in Malta, which will help you climb the career ladder and earn good money at the same time.


Did we mention the all-year-round sunshine, Blue Flag beaches, cultural treasures and friendly, English-speaking locals?

When you have taken the decision to move out of your country in the hope of finding a job and earning money elsewhere, the first step is to get your name out there to catch the eye of potential employers. This is where our CV collection and processing service comes in very handy. Our helpful setup can provide you with all the assistance you need when you are looking for the right job overseas. We take in your résumé, extract the skills you have, ask what it is you’re looking for and we match this with potential employers and their respective requirements. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like here.

Some of the largest workforce gaps, and consequently the sectors with the highest demand for qualified professionals, are in the accountancy, administration, engineering, construction, nursing, medical, restaurant and hospitality industry sectors, to name a few. There is an abundance of positions out here in Malta, waiting to be snapped up, and the number is on the rise.

One of the biggest headaches in working overseas lies, funnily enough, not in finding the right job, but in setting up your life anew and all the bureaucracy and paperwork that involves. Nobody likes to be bouncing from pillar to post, filling in forms and applying for everything under the sun, all the while looking for somewhere to stay… and looking for a job on top of all that.

We know all this and we’ve got you covered because our comprehensive service also includes relocation assistance. This includes finding you housing, obtaining relevant residence and working visa permits for you and more.

This is your gateway to Europe, no matter what competences you have, send us your CV and we will allocate it to the right company for you. We are a well-connected company with contacts in a variety of industries, so no matter what your skillset is, we will be able to place you in the right job, with the right companies.

Malta is your gateway to Europe, allow us to be your gateway to Malta. Contact Ms Analee Debattista on

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