If you own a business, don’t talk to your accountant only during the tax season, and treat your accountant as your trusted business partner and your friend, then you’re doing it all right. If you’re not doing this, then here’s why you should start doing this as soon as possible:


Accountants have useful contacts


When in the process of setting up a new business, an accountant is one of the first persons that you should talk to as accountants have useful contacts that can surely help you build a bright and successful future for your business. This will also help you develop a personal relationship with your accountant, built around trust.


Time is money

Time is precious and time is money. It’s important to know all your responsibilities, take note of all transactions, try to submit accurate information, and if you’re stuck, get in touch with your accountant. It’s important not to leave everything for the last minute and drop off a disorganised batch of receipts on your accountant’s desk. The accountant will not have you as his/her only client, so apart from helping the accountant, being organised will also save you money.

Treat your accountant as your GP

You’re always honest with your doctor to cure your illness, right? So why not be honest with your accountant as well to have everything in order? Being honest with your accountant and providing accurate information is your responsibility to have successful results. Your accountant is on your side and not your enemy, and the ultimate responsibility is to help you, amongst others, deliver numbers.

Your accountant is your business partner

It is also your duty to share your goals and future plans with your accountant as s/he will guide you how to reach them while keeping costs low. This can be easily done by keeping in constant contact with your accountant and don’t wait until the last minute and ask important questions just hours before a deadline.

At Accounting Services Ltd, it’s not just about delivering numbers. It’s about building friendships with clients. In fact, our partner’s website can be easily accessed in English, Italian and French languages to make it easy for Italian and French speaking people communicate with our highly qualified accountants and help them succeed in their respective businesses, irrespective of their size.

If you require accounting services by highly qualified accountants, contact Ms. Charlene Sciberras on csciberras@fairwindsmanagement.net.