Are you in the process of setting up a trust or a foundation? Or maybe you need assistance in drafting a contract?

Legal and advisory services can be provided by qualified legal professionals to people who come across any complex issue and need advice from experts in the field to provide them with a viable solution.

The in-house legal team at Fairwinds Management Limited is formed by qualified legal professionals who specialize in a number of services in different sectors including registrations related to ships, yachts, aircrafts, betting and iGaming, as well as citizenship. Legal services are also provided in other sectors such as property, employment and labour, business disputes and more.

Such services provide advantages to a client such as:

  • Easier processes
  • Understanding circumstances
  • Analysis and support
  • Knowledge of legal rights
  • Clients’ interests are protected
  • Any implications are known
  • Documents are handled properly
  • Be presented with viable solutions

If you are an individual or representing a company and you require more details about our legal services, we invite you to get in touch directly with our legal team on info@fairwindsmanagement.net