How many times do we scroll through our social media accounts to see posts about Monday blues and how waking up early to go to work is not pleasant, but then we see positive vibes being shared on Fridays?


This has become quite common where everyone expresses their opinions and feelings on social media. On the contrary, you find others posting images that one could very easily get jealous of especially when you see the famous hashtag #mybossisbetterthanyours. But one would ask, how does a CEO or a HR department  manage to keep all employees happy and motivated at work? How do you know if your boss is better than mine?


Money is not everything, and having a better employer than someone else’s is not simply measured by the amount of activities organised by a company or by the amounts of bonuses that are given, but it depends on factors that are far more important than money such as empowerment, job satisfaction, and recognition.


It all starts from the top. The CEO should lead by example and be the role model of the employees as the people in the top positions are the ones that influence others, mostly by providing a positive work environment. That’s why leadership plays a crucial role in employee motivation and in keeping them focused on their job.

Teamwork is also another factor that keeps employees motivated. Working in a team lets you not only work with your colleagues, but get to know them more and most importantly, trust them more. Although teamwork is not loved by all employees as it involves dealing with all the different characters at the office that might lead to conflicts and disagreements, working as a team can also increase the levels of creativty and productivity, leading to job satisfaction.

Recognising the input of the employees and a job well done is also an important factor. This can be done by giving any type of remuneration such as organising small activities at the office as a thank you to the employees, depending on the company’s available budget for such activities.

Our parent company Business Concept International plc is a testimony of motivating employees. Apart from the monthly activities during which all employees get together, all companies within BCI plc provide space to help all employees grow, develop new skills and reach career goals. Milestones at BCI plc are not just celebrated by top management but with all the team. BCI plc recognises that every employee is equally important as everyone has something different to offer.

At the end of the day what’s most important at work is having the employees know that they are an integral part of the company and let them know that opinions and diversity are not just allowed but necessary to keep having a positive work environment.