When businessmen or entrepreneurs come up with a business idea, most often they want to set the ball rolling on that same day to start trading as soon as possible. This is the scenario in the ideal world of business, but we all know how hectic it is to set up a new incorporation, involving setting up meetings, preparing and presenting documents and ticking so much more items off the checklist before kicking off the business.  

This is were aged corporations come into the picture. Such corporations, also referred to as shelf companies or ready-made companies, are legally registered companies that do not have any activities going on as they are abandoned and are ideal to be purchased by those who want to start doing business without any delays. But is this a smart business strategy?

Opting for such companies could be the best thing that a business invests in as it saves a lot of time and avoids the red tape that many must face when incorporating a new company.

Besides this, purchasing a shelf company with good track record allows you to do business as an established company without having to go through all the complex processes that new incorporations have to go through when making contact with potential business partners and affiliates, especially when trying to establish banking relationships.

By making new contacts on behalf of a corporation that has been set up for several years, the mentioned company will get a financial boost as it will be having a long corporate history and reputation.

If you are interested in purchasing an aged corporation, our team at Fairwinds Management Limited can guide you through the whole process. We currently have three such companies, that were incorporated last year, that are waiting to be purchased by a new owner.

Download a full list of available pre-registered shelf companies by clicking on the ‘download’ button.

For more information, you can get in touch with one of our directors, Ms. Joceline Caruana on jcaruana@fairwindsmanagement.net