“Believing in yourself is the most important attitude to be a winner”. This is the positive frame of mind that Daryl Azzopardi had for several months before going on stage on Saturday 19th May at Pjazza Teatru Rjal in Valletta.

That night was quite a good one for Daryl as apart from winning the title of Mr. World Malta, he was also chosen as having the Best Physique and Best Personality, both important titles that describe the 23-year-old model from Swatar quite easily.

We’ve known Daryl for quite some time as he has been working with Accounting Services Ltd, our partner company, for 3 years now. This twin brother who loves lifting weights and playing a football match with his friends in his free time, is one of the team’s Accounts Executives.

Although some people associate accounts with a boring job, it is something that Daryl loves doing especially as the company’s CEO, Adrian Sciberras, always supports him and sponsors him whenever possible.

Here’s the interview that was held with Mr. World Malta in the past weeks, just right after the busy season of VAT returns. We will learn about the healthy lifestyle he lives, his job and will answer the most asked question by most ladies… whether he’s single or not!


First of all, Daryl, did you imagine that you were going to win the title of Mr. World Malta 2018?


I think each contestant that participates imagines winning the title, however I believed in myself and worked hard for it which is the most important attitude to have to be a winner.

Photo by ICAM photography

Away from your modelling career… You work with an accountancy firm. Can you describe what your job entails?

I’m one of the Accounts Executives at Accounting Services Ltd. My job is quite varied, and I take care of bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts, tax returns and vat returns. I also meet clients for consultation sessions on how to improve their financial position.

How do you manage time between full time work, modelling and other life commitments?

Since I also study ACCA to become a qualified Accountant in the coming years, I set targets that help me keep balance between work, study and other commitments, including modelling and staying physically active. Apart from being my sponsor for the local Mr. World Malta competition, my employer also provides friendly measures to all employees. Thanks to the flexible hours offered at work, I manage to schedule any appointments and important meetings that I have during work hours. I’m grateful for the company as it treats all employees like family, which is the most important thing when it comes to work as a team.

When did you enter the modelling world, and why?

I started modelling 4 years ago when I was 19 years old. I never stopped modelling since then, as it has boosted my confidence and I always meet with different people, which is something that I enjoy doing.

Is there anything to follow before entering modelling competitions such as Mr. World Malta?

Since I always try to keep a healthy lifestyle, there weren’t many amendments to make to my normal routine, but it was more important than ever to keep eating healthy, track my calorie intake and don’t miss a training session. In the last few weeks leading to the competition night, I had to skip a few events due in order to keep to my diet. The day after the competition I went for a much-awaited indulging lunch, a good-sized loaded burger and a delicious sweet pancake!

What are your plans for the coming months before representing Malta in Philippines?

I will continue my healthy lifestyle and there will be a few changes in my training schedule which will involve higher intensity exercises.

Since the contest will be held just a few days after the festive season, does this mean that you’ll have to pass on the traditional Christmas lunches and dinners that everyone looks forward to them?

I believe that balance is important in everything in life. Although I will have to do some sacrifices during the next Christmas and New Year period where everyone is invited to parties, lunches and dinners, I will still allow myself to have a treat during December.

Who are your main supporters?

Definitely my girlfriend, my family and Accounting Services Ltd. 🙂

We wish all success to our colleague, Daryl Azzopardi especially when in Philippines. All companies within Business Concept International plc are behind you!