Establishing a business overseas is ideal for those who would like to move their business structure from a high-tax jurisdiction to a country where one is able to benefit from better corporate taxes and regulations.

Gibraltar, which is a British Overseas Territory located on Spain’s south coast is a stable jurisdiction that has political stability and a very good reputation associated with it, encouraging people to set up an offshore business in it. In fact, it has become a financial hub for tax and effective financial planning, and this led the country to have a thrivng economy.

Like in most other countries, Gibraltar has certain due diligence requirements for all officers within the company that must be abided to in order to incorporate a company successfully.

Typically, when such offshore company is set up, it will be purchased as a holding company of another Maltese company, allowing the business to benefit from a wide range of competitive advantages. The overseas company will then be a shareholder in the Maltese company. Thus, it will obtain the tax refund applicable to the Maltese tax system and the Gibraltar company will be exempt from local taxation and VAT.

Furthermore, the company will only need 1 director and 1 shareholder and there are not any specific requirements for resident directors or shareholders and the country does not impose a minimum share capital requirement to those opening a limited liability company. Ultimately, business confidentiality is key, and this is guaranteed by legislation.

Gibraltar is one of the countries with good reputation that our team incorporates offshore companies in through authorized intermediaries. Further detailed information about such company incorporation including due diligence requirements, incorporation periods and bank accounts, can be found on our website. For assistance or a quotation about setting up a business in this UK dependent, you can get in touch with one of our Directors Ms Joceline Caruana M.Acc, MIA, Cert.Tax, CPA on jcaruana@fairwindsmanagement.net