One of Malta’s success stories for its economy is the iGaming industry. It all started when in 2004, Malta was listed as the first ever EU member state to enact a comprehensive legislation on remote gaming. Thanks to this important step, the Maltese islands have since attracted many business opportunities and are considered to have become the most tried and tested jurisdictions worldwide. In fact, due to the number of years of experience in this sector, Malta has been marked as an ideal destination for iGaming setups.

There are other reasons why Malta is an ideal destination, mostly due to its good standard of living, a motivated workforce, and having a government with a pro-business approach. This makes it even more possible for businesses to be set up or expanded in Malta as during the past years, it became a centre of excellence as it offers a perfect gaming landscape. This makes this industry go from strength to strength.

In fact, the number of iGaming licenses continue to increase, providing a healthy track record to this business. With this in mind, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) together with other relevant local authorities, furthers its commitment to expand the right environment for gaming operators, so more businesses will relocate or open more branches across the Maltese islands. This is why iGaming is the key player for the Maltese economy.

At Fairwinds Management Limited, assistance is provided to anyone interested in exploring and setting up companies within this sector in the Maltese jurisdiction. So if you’re interested in registering for an iGaming and betting license, our advisors will help you establish an optimal company structure, while assisting you throughout the application process.