Incorporating a new company in Malta or offshore has never been an easy decision to take especially today as it requires more paperwork including business planning, necessary consultation sessions, submitting documents and so much more.

Yet, there are still ways how this process can eliminate headaches and setting up a company can still be relatively easy, even from the comfort of your home or anywhere else 24/7. This is where Malta Incorporation Specialist comes in.

Malta Incorporation Specialist, managed by Fairwinds Management Limited employs experienced formation agents and thus, it specializes in company incorporations in a number of jurisdictions at competitive prices yet still maintaining excellent customer care.

But what is unique about Malta Incorporation Specialist? It is an online platform offering tailor-made packages that can be bought online 24/7, making it easier for interested people to proceed with their company incorporations easily in today’s busy life. Its user-friendly interface and most importantly, secure platform includes step by step guidance in every step of the application process.

Although buying a company online is easier and faster as it eliminates a lot of paperwork and time waiting, due diligences to know the customers are still in place.

Building your company online in Malta or in other jurisdictions such as in Cyprus and Gibraltar with Malta Incorporation Specialist requires four main steps:

  1. Choose a company type
  2. Enter details of Directors and Shareholders
  3. Upload due diligence documents
  4. Proceed to pay

The specialists will not only incorporate companies but also assist in other matters including day to day management of the companies. In fact, other services that can be offered by Malta Incorporation Specialist include company management, administration services, and Malta VAT applications.

Interested in learning more about company incorporation, tax incentives or interested in setting up a company offshore? Visit Malta Incorporation Specialist website or get in touch with Ms. Joceline Caruana on jcaruana@fairwindsmanagement.net for further detailed information.