It is a well known fact that 2020 has been a challenging year for business operating in different sectors as they faced and are still facing challenges amidst the coronavirus pandemic, creating cashflow problems, among others. Money-related issues will recover in time, but unfortunately there are individuals and families in society that face daily health and social problems. Most of these cases took a turn to the worse during the past months due to limited assistance that was available.

We as a company do our best to contribute to the local community in different ways by lending a hand to those in need.

This sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been instilled in our work enviroment throughout the past years and this year was not different from the rest since it is our long-term commitment to be socially responsible and leave a positive impact on our society in the best way we can.

For instance, members of our team and from our partner companies donated blood twice during the past months. The latest blood donations took place in late October when the National Blood Transfusion Service announced that their blood storage levels have reached a critical point. Upon this announcement, our team voluntarily asked to donate blood.

In addition to these, for the second time in a row, in the past days we also organised a food donation activity to assist Foodbank Lifeline Foundation with their day to day operations. It is understood that number of cases required such services increased and we are glad that we assisted persons and families who are constantly going through difficult times due to various reasons such as ill health, low income or housing issues that limit them even when it comes to basic food necessities.

To learn more about ongoing CSR activities, we invite you to visit our dedicated webpage.