The COVID-19 pandemic brought a change in the workplaces, not about the way we work but from where we work. Unfortunately, the crisis forced a number of businesses to take tough decisions such as closing down for good or make some people redundant. Others sought other alternatives such as reducing costs by ending the rent agreements and having employees working from home. Those who unfortunately ended up without a job or had their workplace on lockdown for a number of months, had to find other solutions such as exploring the possibility of starting a business from home.

Although it is convenient to be able to manage your business from your home, you still need to maintain a professional image. This can be done at least by having a dedicated telephone line and a postal address for mail redirection or simply to receive documents from clients, store them securely or having them organised for pickup. This will enable one to distinguish between mail related to business and home and most importantly, keep the home address private, especially in advertising and in any correspondence with clients. The benefit of all of this is that while a business has a physical location, it is not spending money on rent.

This means that a virtual business address is the solution to your corporate needs. Together with such address, one can also opt for other services to help a business especially if it is a start-up, a home office or a small business manned by one person. Such services that show that a business has a real presence in the real local scene, include post mail redirection and call log/relaying.

Such services can be obtained from Fairwinds Management Limited, offering a business address in central Malta.

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