Business owners of any type and size are always on the lookout for possibilities on how to improve their access to more financing to remain competitive in the market. Such opportunities are possible through funding by the European Union.  

Below are some of the financial opportunities that businesses can tap into:

  • Business Enhance ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Grant Schemes

This scheme, part-financed by ERDF, supports enterprises when investing in projects that their aim is to become more competitive, innovative, and resilient to market challenges to secure a sustainable business growth. These support start-ups, SME Growth, Diversification and Innovation, Internationalisation and Consultancy services as well as e-Commerce.

  • MicroInvest Scheme

This scheme launched by Malta Enterprise is a tax credit incentive for Micro Enterprises and self-employed. This scheme, equivalent to 45% of eligible expenditure, encourages them to invest, innovate and expand their business by purchasing machinery, technology, and motor vehicles amongst other eligible eligible.

  • Family Business Office Incentives

Fiscal and Government incentives are entitled to family-owned businesses in Malta. These can benefit from advisory services, education and training, and investment aids, among others.

Interested in learning more about these opportunities such as their respective eligibility criteria? Members of our team have extensive experience related to funding schemes and can assist you from the very first step of your application form while also handling budgets, business plans and anything that needs to be prepared to submit a successful application form.

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