Malta Residency


Anyone who relocates to Malta needs to sort out their papers and status with the relevant authorities, such as residential address, applying with Jobsplus and obtain a Social Security number. This article will explain how to obtain a Maltese Residence Identity Card for EU nationals.

EU nationals that relocate to Malta, whether they are under the self-employed status or are employed with a local employer, require to apply for a Maltese Residence Card. All EU citizens have the freedom of movement into any other EU country.

As an EU national, to apply for a Maltese Residence Identity Card, you will need:

Proof of identity: A passport or EU Identity Card.

A residential address: You will need to present the lease agreement / rental contract as a proof for a residential address; or a property contract with your name on showing you own the property.

Employment contract / Jobsplus confirmation letter: Either or, this will serve as a proof employment. You can either be employed with a local company or work as self-employed.

A Social Security number: This number is used to pay your social security contributions which will give you several social benefits. This will also automatically also register your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Once these four items are in hand, and you have all forms readily filled, one can apply to obtain the Maltese Residency Card via email at the Expatriates Unit – EU section of Identity Malta. The forms to fill in are:

  • Form A – Application for Residence Documentation (Employment/Self-Employment)
  • Form ID1A – Identity Registration Form – Non-Maltese Nationals
  • GDPR Form – General Data Protection Regulation Form

Once the application forms and documentation are reviewed, one will receive an appointment via email to get the biometrics taken. Once this is sorted, a collection letter is sent to your residential address, asking to collect your new card. The new card will be valid for 5 years.

As much as it sounds straight forward, applying for a residence card can be time-consuming. Fairwinds Management can assist you with this lengthy process. Contact us today for help:  

Charlene Sciberras
Article by Charlene Sciberras