Is administrative work slowing you down?

Is this resulting in reduced overall productivity?

Why not remove administration work off your plate and off your mind?

This can be easily achieved thanks to Admin Genie, a brand managed by Fairwinds Management Limited. Among other services and packages related to work permits, visa and residence card applications, and accounting services, Admin Genie provides virtual administration services to help businesses who would like to outsource administration tasks, especially those that are time-consuming. 

Tasks that can be handled by the team include daily office tasks, email monitoring, forwarding, and replying, telephone line rental and call logs. 

By entrusting Admin Genie, business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs, start-ups, among others, will:

  • Spend much less time doing administrative work
  • Get professional and customised services designed for their business needs
  • Keep up with the core business
  • Improve the overall business productivity 
  • Make their business life easier
  • Save time and money
  • Eliminate salaries or benefits paid to in-house staff

Roughly, it is estimated that when opting to such virtual administrative services, on a yearly basis, business owners can save over 70% on operating costs!  

Are you interested in saving this amount of money too while increasing overall productivity? Get in touch to have a quick solution for your business administration work.

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