January 2012 was the start of something bigger than planned. What started as a self-employed venture evolved into the formation of a major holding company of a diversified group of 9 companies operating in 8 sectors:

  • Corporate services
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Currency Exchange
  • Auditing
  • Property
  • Recruitment
  • Administration

Two of the major companies, Fairwinds Management Limited and Accounting Services Ltd, both established in July 2013, service a number of brands.

With more companies being incorporated as part of the group of companies, there was a need to increase the human resource. In fact, to date, the total number of employees amount to over 25. Due to this increase, Business Concept International plc is now looking forward to the coming years during which it will build its own premises as head office in a site earmarked on the Birkirkara Bypass.


This news emerged recently when Adrian Sciberras, the Chairman of the group of companies announced that in its second year as a group, Business Concept International plc managed to achieve double digit growth (2017) while delivering a positive EBITDA for all shareholders.