July is an important month for Fairwinds Management Limited as it is the month in which the company was incorporated. The anniversary, this year’s is the 8th one, is a perfect reminder to the company to thank its employees as it is thanks to their commitment and hard work, that the company succeeds by retaining its clients especially during the past year during which the world was and is still combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Apart from the pandemic that brought its own challenges with it such as remote working, during the past year, the company also went under some restructuring and is now being led by Directors Joceline Caruana and Conrad Meli. Meanwhile, for the first time ever, it also has opened an office in Rabat, Gozo. 

As we announced in our latest quarterly newsletter, the company’s offices in Malta were also refurbished while employees were working remotely from their homes. The offices needed a fresher look to reflect the changes that were made in the past months. Keep following this blog as we will be able to share with you photos of the refurbished spaces in the coming weeks!

In the meantime, last Friday, Fairwinds Management Limited surprised its employees with an ice cream trailer cart outside of the offices as a thank you to all employees who play a vital role in the company’s success. This surprise was welcomed by all employees as it was ideal to freshen up during the summer’s heat and end another busy business week in a different way … on a very tasty and deliciously sweet note!

On this occasion, we also take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients, old and new whom without them, it wouldn’t be possible for our company to further its growth and succeed throughout the upcoming years.