Malta is certainly considered as a very attractive country for business and office relocation. The reasons are many, and this is due not only for business reasons. Many entrepreneurs will fall in love with the island: A very good climate, lots of sea and a good clubbing scene giving you a balanced work-play lifestyle, safe country with low crime rate suitable for families, no big language barriers, good business climate between locals and expats, an excellent educated workforce, all topped up with a Mediterranean way of life.

A successful business and office relocation takes a lot of detailed planning and time, but corporate services and the property related services in Malta are very efficient and fast-moving, making your relocation to the island a smooth one. Setting up a company in Malta take approximately two days once all due diligence documents are provided, a few more days are then needed to sort out documents for VAT and tax applications, and the opening of a bank account. In a couple of weeks, your new company will be up and running and ready to operate.

What about office space? If you are starting up you might want to get a quick fix by renting out a shared office or a few desks in a business centre, this until you find the right new office space suitable for your needs. Several virtual offices services are also available locally making your life easier until you settle down in new your headquarters and new residence. Office hunting can be time consuming, but with the right relocation or property agency rest assured you will find a location that suits your needs and budgets. With the recent blooming demand that there is in Malta, a lot of new property is in construction, with a good number of them being readily made available to move in.

Here at Fairwinds Management we are able to assist you from the initial stages of your Malta company incorporation to the day-to-day running of the corporate company requirements including opening of Malta bank accounts, secretarial services, application for Malta VAT and tax numbers. Furthermore through our various partners mentioned hereunder from the Business Concept International Group of Companies, we are able to assist you in all your business and office relocation needs. At Accounting Services Ltd, we take care of bookkeeping, payroll, social security contributions, VAT and tax returns. Through Admin Genie Ltd, we are able to offer hot desks, virtual office services and business assistance to set up your new office.

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