Recruitment is not an easy task in today’s advanced world where individuals are constantly head-hunted and offered opportunities on social networks even if they have never been personally introduced to one another.

Many large companies set up Human Resources departments specifically to handle talent acquisition but smaller companies and start-ups might find it difficult to appoint an experienced individual to take care of recruitment process since such services will not be required as frequently as they are requested by larger sized companies who have high turnover rates.

Since our company, Fairwinds Management Limited holds a recruitment license (E.A. No. 152-2018), it also acts as a recruitment firm offering various services to all types of companies in different business sectors.

Thanks to our experienced team in this field, we assist clients in recruiting the right candidate for the vacant job position. For instance, our services related to recruitment include assisting clients in drafting the job vacancy and promoting it, shortlisting the list of candidates that have the necessary skills, education and experienced as outlined in the job description, and scheduling interviews. We also keep a database of applicants for employment. In order to fully conduct our services that are of satisfaction to our clients, we keep in constant communication with the entity seeking our assistance while also providing any other services as requested by the client.

While assisting businesses of any size in finding the right fit to join the expanding team or a team that is looking for replacements, Fairwinds Management Limited also assists individuals who are currently seeking to take the next step in their career.

If your business is currently seeking to expand or is looking for staff to fill any vacant position, you can get in touch with our team on info@fairwindsmanagement.net.