As part of running a Malta company, one requires to respect regulations and filing of documents annually within stipulated timeframes, according to company law provisions. Attention is required by company directors and secretaries for the following: 

Annual Financial Statements (Annual Accounts)

Every company is required that for each accounting period, its directors lay before the company in the general meeting for its approval, copies of the annual accounts of the company for that period. The approval in general meeting of a company’s annual accounts for an accounting period shall be ten months after the end of the relevant accounting reference period for private companies and seven months in case of public companies. The company directors are required to submit a copy of the annual accounts to the Registrar. This is to be done within forty-two days from the end of the period for laying of annual accounts.

Annual Return

This statutory form is provided for in the Seventh Schedule of the Companies Act. The importance of this form is to keep the Registrar updated on the fundamental information and data relating to the company’s principal activity, share capital, address, and the company’s officers as well as its members. The Annual Return is to be submitted to the Registrar by every company, within forty-two days after the date to which it is incorporated, being the company’s registration anniversary date.

Annual Confirmation Beneficial Owners Form

This statutory form is contained in the Companies Act (Register of Beneficial Owners) Regulations. It is to be completed and signed by the company director or secretary in order to confirm that there were no changes to the beneficial owners’ details as held by the Registrar or alternatively, to provide the necessary change in details which would have occurred to that same information as held by the Registrar. This form is to be filed by those companies falling under the applicability of the said Regulations on an annual basis within forty-two days after the date to which it is incorporated, being the company’s registration anniversary date.

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